South Korean embassy's RRR dance delights Indians

time:2023-06-03 22:50:00 source:BBC News (British Broadcasting Corporation)

The South Korean embassy in India has charmed people with a video of its staff dancing to the song Naatu Naatu from the hit Telugu film RRR.

In the video, Ambassador Chang Jae-bok and his team can be seen performing different steps from the song in pairs and larger groups.

The video went viral over the weekend, with 1.2 million views till now.

India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi called it a "lively and adorable team effort".

The 53-second video features several people - some wearing kurtas with leggings, others dressed in the traditional Korean hanbok - dancing across locations.

The video ends with a grand group dance which re-enacts the last few seconds of the original song.

The choice of the song itself isn't surprising - Naatu Naatu, an exuberant musical number, has won fans across the world, as well as prestigious awards including a Golden Globe.

It has also been nominated for Best Original Song at the Oscars, and is a favourite to win at the ceremony on 12 March.

The song features Telugu superstars Ram Charan and Jr NTR matching each other, step for infectious step, in a highly synchronised dance-off that mixes several genres, including traditional Bollywood moves. The video has been viewed more than 122 million times on YouTube.

The song's success has been propelled by the rave reviews RRR - a historical fantasy that tells the story of two revolutionaries who fight against British rule in India - received from global audiences.

The film spent several weeks in the top 10 on Netflix US and broke box-office records in Japan.

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