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Mongolia media guide

time:2023-06-03 22:32:05 source:BBC News (British Broadcasting Corporation)

Television is the most popular media, accounting for at least 60% of the market. Mongolian National Broadcaster, the only public service media group, is one of the most watched and listened to media in the country.

Press freedom is generally respected, says the US-based NGO Freedom House, but media ownership is opaque and many journalists self-censor to avoid offending political or business interests.

Reporters Without Borders says that more than half of all the defamation cases in Mongolia are brought against journalists and media.

Despite a high level of literacy, newspaper circulations tend to be small. Some titles are published by political parties.

BBC World Service broadcasts on 103.1 FM in Ulan Bator.

There were three million internet users by July 2022, comprising 89% of the population ( There are no official restrictions on web access.

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